Our company, Madden Markets, in order to make the platform and users more competitive in the market, is about to launch an annual interest event. During the event period, the registration deadline is 2023/3/1 to 2023/4/15. The content of the event is as follows:

During the activity period from 2023/3/1 to 2023/4/15, the valued Madden users can get a credit amount of 12% of the deposit amount if the deposit amount is more than 1,000 US dollars (inclusive). The deposit amount during the event registration period has been stored for one year, no withdrawal in advance is allowed, and the transaction volume of 10 lots has been completed, so Madden Markets will convert 12% of the credit amount into a dividend amount and distribute it to MT4 on 2024/4/15 next year account, and obtain the qualifications for use and withdrawal.

Activity Terms:
1. 2023/3/1 to 2023/4/15 is the event participation date.
2. After the registration deadline for the event, the storage period from 2023/4/16 to 2024/4/15 is one year, and if the trading volume of more than 10 lots (inclusive) is reached within one year, 12% of the event deposit amount will be distributed as a dividend.

1. During the registration period of the event, new funds that have been withdrawn first and then deposited will not be counted. (Example: Before the event starts, the customer's inherent position fund is 1,000 US dollars, and the inherent deposit is not lower than the inherent 1,000 US dollars as the standard).
2. After the event registration deadline, within one year of the deposit period, the 12% credit mechanism will be cancelled, and the withdrawal qualification will not be obtained for the deposit amount of the event in advance.
3. Within one year during the activity period, if the trading volume of 10 lots (inclusive) has not been reached, the eligibility for credit withdrawal will not be obtained.
4. The content of the activity lasts for one year, and the system 12% credit will be automatically transferred to MT4 net value funds on the expiration date of the activity, and 12% interest can be withdrawn.
5. Regardless of whether the customer makes a profit or loses money during the activity period, the annual interest rate of 12% of the deposit amount during the activity period will also be retained.
6. The time to calculate the annual interest distribution is from 2023/4/16 to 2024/4/15 during the activity period.

The company Madden Markets has the right to disqualify any customer who has accepted the current terms and conditions of the annual interest activity if the following occurs:
1. The company Madden Markets has reasonable grounds to believe that this campaign is being abused.
2. Customers commit fraud, abuse, deceit and behaviors that do not comply with this activity and applicable terms.
3. If the event cannot be carried out smoothly due to force majeure factors (natural disasters, political conflicts, etc.), the company Madden Markets has the right to decide whether to change the above terms or terminate the event.
4. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding of the above applicable terms, Madden Markets should make the most appropriate decision under independent and absolute review in accordance with the principle of good faith and good faith regarding the dispute or misunderstanding judgment. Madden Markets' decision will be final and binding.
5. For this event, Madden and vast belong to the same group, so both brokerages are eligible for this event. For related activities, please refer to Madden’s announcement.

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