1. I am an individual investor, you can participate in forex trading?

2. Forex "two-way trade" refers to what?

3. usually less time online, no time to focus on, you can also participate in Forex Investment?

4. Can I carry out a transaction by phone

5. Can I get forex study guide by which means?

6. As a forex newbie, how do I get quick start?

7. I have a problem how to advice, how to get direct answers to the easiest?

8. The number of hands mean?

9. The point is what does this mean?

10. What is the leverage ratio?

11. The leverage ratio is adjustable up to how much? The minimum number?

12. Platform Minimum number of tradable hand?

13. Madden You can enter different from the number of lots under a single window for you, such as 2.31 hand?

14. The opening stop plate of gold and silver time Forex trading?

15. I can give you introduce clients to make money?

16. What are the main reference price of foreign exchange factors?

17. Risk can control it?

18. What is Forex product?

19. The pending transaction buylimit, selllimit, buystop, sellstop What does it mean?

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