Madden Universal American Financial Group Brief Introduction

  • US Universal Financial Group, referred to as "Madden", founded in 2010 in the United States. Madden is the National Futures Association (NFA) member supervisory, regulatory ID0326249, Madden is the National Futures Association recognized electronic dealer specializing in precious metals, foreign exchange, futures, refers to the global trading of commodities and, over the years to provide customers around the world professional, reliable sale service .

  •       Madden by to provide customers with all kinds of trading technology, products and services, is committed to helping customers successfully achieve long-term stability of a diversified investment in the financial markets. Madden advocates lower market threshold, its subsidiaries, brokers and customers in more than 40 countries and regions .

  •       Madden provided to customer management and core investment fund business such as: precious metals, foreign exchange, futures and index futures trading and a full range of brokerage services, training, and other products, and has a series Madden MT4 online trading platform, now this platform has been successfully operating for many years. .

  •       Madden itself with leading technology research and development strengths, where customers do not need a third-party or independent software provider processing transactions, under the technical guidance of customer-oriented, able to ensure customer orders directly into the exchange system and market system. .

  •       Madden's trading advisor for clients ready mixed investment programs, in particular and can be customized to meet customers' diverse investment needs, enhanced return on investment strategy. Global investment network can benefit our business grow rapidly. Universal has been the United States in the selection of talented people, and regularly hosts race to choose the new transaction. Our consultants can serve individual investors, but also to provide counseling for institutional clients.
  •       Madden has been convinced that "our advantage is that we just excellent staff," we chose the industry's best agents, they are able to provide customers with the industry's best one service, and provide trading scheme, the United States trying to become the industry's innovative Universal leader, while providing dedicated and thoughtful customer service .

  •       Not only do we customer-centric, while focusing on business regulations, we are happy through the media, global publishers and partners, lectures to help you present your business. Although the risk of the investment market that no one can predict accurately, but our rigorous service is a necessary, but also our pride. For several years we have been focused on risk management, we are also actively maintained network of brokers, so the strong market volatility when try to protect the funds in the account and portfolio
  • Graham own answer given is: "I will boldly secret of successful investing motto refined into four words: margin of safety." As the core of the value of investments the concept, if the margin of safety is paramount position in the field of investment value, and is not an exaggeration. Its definition is very simple and plain: the real value or intrinsic value and price of surplus, for a more popular view, the margin of safety is the value and price is undervalued compared to the extent or magnitude of .

  •       us another the advantage is that there are a variety of products, services and technologies, the changing market for investors and customers, is a very good service, we develop more specific and diversified investment and trading capabilities guarantee stable investment. In addition, we emphasize the low threshold to allow customers into the market .

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