• company address
    Madden Markets Limited
    Address: Madden Markets Limited
    E-mail: info@madsfx.com
    URL: info@madsfx.com
    Note: Domestic customers can directly contact the regional brokerage account information and inquiries about the details.
    • technical support:
      If you experience any technical issues, whether it is to download and install the trading platform and plug-ins, network connection, and other trading platforms, please feel free to call customer service professionals contact, "Madden " customer service will try to solve your problems and provide technical support.
    • Security:
      "Madden " using the most advanced encryption trading system, authentication protocols, and the most stringent firewall protection, ensuring the maintenance of confidentiality of all online transactions and customer data. "Madden " prepared a back-up system and advanced design comprehensive response options to reduce the likelihood of problems. Unfortunately, if: there is a problem "{sys cpfname}" server, all transactions, including the closing documents, positions, orders, stop-loss, limit orders and trading history will be stored in the backup system.
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