Spot precious metal
Spot metals contracts is one of the most extensive global acceptability of investment tools, reasonable leverage and flexible mode of operation, the majority of the investors are an excellent investment experience!
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RMB Kilo gold
Contract Unit
100 ounce
5000 ounce
1000 g
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0.1 dollar
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0.01 RMB
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Kilo gold
RMB Kilo Gold is a legally binding contract gold, and set up within the Automatic Order Matching and operation of the trading system transactions (transactions with qualified business field clerks) by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange ( 'the trade market')
Trading Kilo specifications consistent with the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the trade field recognition refining cast manufactured 999.9 fineness Kilo, the most characteristic is simultaneously involved in two major areas of investment in gold and the yuan, is the world's first offshore renminbi-denominated spot gold trading products.
Wu two
Nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine bullion
The product is CGSE to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of souvenir production, beautifully produced, valuable collections, both public banks and sales clerks are very hot blazing, deeply welcomed by investors since its launch.
The weight of each receipt pay five two (Hong Kong), the amount of physical gold admission popular, can be as low as tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollar purchases, including commissions and transaction costs in similar products in the most favorable gold. RMB kilo gold bars have been verified as CGSE to ensure that international standards of fineness is 999.9 thousand "full-color."
Gold Credit
"Madden gold credit" by Madden was established in 1951 in cooperation with the Swiss cast gold and foreign suppliers Argor-Heraeus, joined forces for the Greater China market development of the new 999.9 gold coins. Argor-Heraeus has the most top technology, is one of the three major gold dealers cast worldwide, launched gold coins for the first time in cooperation with Asian companies, each costing "Madden gold credit" with the Argor-Heraeus issued certificates, the certificate on the back in addition to indicate the weight and purity of gold, but also by the Argor-Heraeus CEO endorsement confirm it proved its quality in line with the world's highest quality standards, recognized by international banks, each costing gold coins were cast with a separate number, just as with its unique banknote general and uniqueness.
"Madden gold credit" gold on the back of a brilliant cast of gorgeous colored stripes, hiding the world's leading optical security marking KINEGRAM. KINEGRAM is widely used in security and anti-counterfeit identification banknotes, passports and other government documents. Argor-Heraeus is the world's only technology to be applied KINEGRAM cast gold coins business, therefore, "Madden gold credit" is not only crafted on modeling, talent, and at the same time in the manufacturing process leading implant technology, the industry is rare, showing its precious value.
"Madden gold credit" All in all, manufactured by the Swiss gold casting process, manufacturing and packaging certificate, after the completion of direct shipping to Hong Kong. Gold front cast SWISS GOLD words, on behalf of the Swiss National Accreditation manufactured in Switzerland via gold coins. According to March 1, 2014, the new labeling law in Switzerland, the word SWISS is subject to the Swiss National Huai batch before use. Argor-Heraeus is currently the only Swiss National Huai batch can use SWISS GOLD words cast gold dealers.
Since the sales are very enthusiastic, has launched a few days to subscribe for one empty, different customer purchase queries in the Greater China region have flocked definitely the hottest investment boom!
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