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disclaimer about using URL
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brought about not buy or sell any disclaimers gold and precious metals products
Any information and opinions contained in the web site, does not represent the first of the Asian Group as principal or agent, or brought to invite any person to buy or sell any gold and precious metals, futures, options or other financial instruments, or To provide any investment advice or service. To clarify the question, the information contained in this website and any comments are not included in any jurisdiction (including but not limited to the United States and the United Kingdom) any gold and precious metals products, product or service Service of an offer or solicitation (those jurisdictions for gold and precious metals products, an offer or sale of products or services are not eligible for Huai or exempted from regulation or is prohibited by law). Moreover, not all the countries available on this website Gold and precious metals products, the products or services. Such information and opinions contained in the URL, such as luring or solicitation to buy or sell or subscribe for gold and precious metals investment products or accept deposits in any jurisdiction to any person belonging to illegal Law, or make such person or lobbying to attract such areas does not comply to such qualifications or objects to attract or lobbying is an offense, the information and opinions contained in these web site should not be considered to such make such trick Region Lead or lobbying. Any members of the First Asian Group, its directors and/or representatives and/or employees and/or family members and/or related person may at any time mentioned on this website and gold and precious metals hold long or Short positions, and may from time to time in the open market or other markets in his capacity as principal or agent buy and/or sell or brought to purchase and/or sell and/or any gold and precious metals products in any manner described.

on the warranty disclaimers
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concerning the limit of liability disclaimer
Ruoyin this website any failure or disruption, or any act or omission of any other person, cause you can not use a URL or link such information or suffered any direct, special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages. These include loss caused by the acts or omissions of any third party, the first Asian Group not and will not assume any responsibility, even if the first or any member of the Asian Group was informed in advance of such losses may have incurred.

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disclaimers about copyright
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Privacy Policy
Madden Markets Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") according to the principles and provisions of "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordinance") of Chapter 486 of the laws of the HKSAR, the Company committed to protecting customers save confidentiality and security of personal information.

collection of personal data
"Personal data" means any direct or indirect proof of personal identity information. The company is handling the transaction between you and the Company will collect and use personal information the Company considers necessary. Kind of personal data collected by the Company may include, but are not limited to, the following:
        •     contact information: such as your name, email address, mailing address, telephone number and fax number;
        •     unique identity confirmation information: such as your identity card number and passport number;
        •     financial information: for example, your bank account, credit card information;
        •     Population statistics: such as age, sex, nationality, employment background;
The company to provide personal information is not mandatory, but does not provide personal information may result in the Company unable to process your application or to provide services to you.

use of personal data
Your personal information is available for the following purposes:
       . 1 The company's main business - Precious metals trading financial products, open an account, deposits, withdrawals, etc;
       . 2 As already obtained your prior consent, publicity, marketing and customer management purposes, such as sending promotions and promotional materials to you;
       . 3 in accordance with the Company's relevant regulations or by-laws and the need to disclose the information in accordance with the Company shall comply with the law;
       . 4 of the Company's communication with your purpose.
The Company may also from time to time use statistics on non-recognition of the nature of the customer, in order to more effectively design and improve the products and services the company provides. Such information will not disclose any personal identity.

< ": Bold font-weight;" span style => Disclosure

profile Personal information you provide to the Company will be kept confidential. Provided that other information available to the company staff to provide services, agents, service providers and consultants to disclose (or they can be contacted or informed of such data), in order to help achieve income Objective data sets involved. The Company after obtaining your consent prescribed, or in the case of the law, will be the beginning of your personal information for other disclosures made. The company also will not make your personal information sold or leased to Any person.

data security commitment
The company is committed to protect the security of your personal data, prevent data access, processing, erasure or other purposes to gain unauthorized or accidental.

Privacy Policy Changes
As to the company in the future any changes to the Privacy Policy Statement will be at the Company's website Madden Markets Limited make an announcement , let you ready to understand the scope of the information collected by the company may use such information, and whether the company will disclose such information to anyone.

access and correction of personal data
You have the right to request access to the company saved about your personal information and request correction of such information. Under the Ordinance, the company can handle such a reasonable fee demand.
Disclaimer and privacy policy statement
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